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Would you like to know what your animal is thinking, or why they do some of the things that they do? Would you like to know if your animal is happy and if it has any needs or desires that are not being met? If so, then I can assist you in learning more about your animal.
Rhodesian Ridgebacks at the beach
Animal communication has allowed me to assist numerous people in a better understanding of their animal's point of view. Some of the conversations are on a serious level, and some are just to have the animal talk about how they have fun and what they think of their people.

Barbara with yellow lab Bonnie

I can feel the animal's pain, know the animal's emotions about various aspects of their life, and communicate to them some of their behaviors that their people would like to have them change.

You may schedule appointments through the above "My Schedule" button and / or pay through the "Rates" button if you choose. Or you may contact me by telephone 925-708-1979 or email and we can discuss how I can assist you and your animal companion. Animals want to be free - they do not want to be dominated. They want to cooperate.

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Barbara Martin