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As an animal communicator my desire is to bring animals and people to a closer understanding of each other so that they can fully enjoy their relationship.

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When I read the book "Kinship With All Life" by Allen J. Boone about 17 years ago, I was instantly struck by a passion to talk to animals, and have them talk to me, the way that Allen described in his book. Since I thought I had to be a guru or a gifted psychic in order to have the intuitive ability to communicate, I hesitated to pursue my desire to talk to animals.
Barbara with a white horse and a ferret. Horse whisperer, intuitive communication

A few months later I noticed other books on the subject and read more. I learned that the people who communicate with animals have an intuitive understanding of how to reach animals and that "gift" can be increased through workshops and practice.

When I took my first workshop I was hooked. I was already able to communicate with animals.

Over the years I have refined my skills though workshops and practice sessions. I have assisted many people to understand the simple needs and joys of their animal friends.

Coming from 16 years in the computer industry in Management positions to my current position as an Animal Communicator at a Healing Center has been a great experience. I truly love this work and I have learned a deeper level of compassion and respect for our animal friends and for their people.

While I choose to live in Sedona AZ because it feeds my soul and supercharges my intuition, I can still help your animals wherever they are, your animal can be anywhere in the world even in another dimension (yes, I can speak to animals who have passed). If you would like to schedule a animal communication session with me, click the "Book Now! button:

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